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Sunday, February 12, 2006


As Danator mentioned in her comment on the pervious post, when I last wrote I was getting ready to leave on a long trip. Not that I was trying to hide it from anyone, just thinking I would get in one last post before I left. Well, that was just idiocy. Note to those of you who foolishly turn here for advice of any kind: when you're planning on leaving the country for an extended period of time, don't tell yourself you'll actually get anything done beyond the absolute minimum necessary for getting you from here to there, certainly not posting one last snarky missive to a blog that´s read pretty much only by your friends and a handful of other people (I love you, even if you criticize my terminology or are only reading to try to get me to work on your short films, gratis). And your parents. I can´t vouch for anyone else but my they love my blog, despite the foul language, and my mom has even commented - anonymously, so as not to embarass me. It´s kind of sad when there are only three comments on your blog, and one of them's from your mom. And the other two are spam.

So anyway, here´s the last post I was meaning to write, which I had to finish in a pleasant German bar while eating chicken schnitzel (I´m not actually anywhere near Germany, mind you, but those Germans, they set up shop with their schnitzel all over). And if this internet cafe thing doesn´t threaten to bankrupt me, there may be more. Not with the same sporadic infrequency as usual, but just enough to keep you from going elsewhere. Though really, where else would you go for this nonsense?

And thanks again, Danator, for the ¨Speed Motherfuckers¨t-shirt. It´s awesome.


Blogger deepstructure said...

i enjoy your posts. keep 'em coming!

5:10 AM

Blogger Da Nator said...

Hey, I'm glad you got to where you were going and are posting again. I look forward to hearing more. Glad you like the T - when you are rich and famous you can call me your designer.

4:31 PM


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