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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Overheard Set Conversation: Two Actors Looking at Prop Magazines While Waiting on Lighting

(Apologies in advance to the Brits, you know I couldn't make this shit up)

Her: You know, this is the worst magazine, the British In Style. Total trash.
Him: Yeah? Who the hell are these people? They're ugly. See, the British are ugly.
Her: She's ugly, and her baby's so ugly it's cute.
Him: Emma. Emma Breen. (faking English accent) Hello, my name is Emma Breen…(pointing to another page) Oh, I've worked with her. And I've worked with her.
Her: On what?
Him: "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Two."
Her: Was she nice?
Him: Yup, they're all nice. They're just a little too famous for words…I've worked with her...And I've worked with her.
Her: Whoopi Goldberg?
Him: Uh huh. Very nice…(pointing to next page) My brother is obsessed with her.
Her: I know, I love her. She's so trashy but she just doesn't care that she has no class. She's like, "I show my breasts for money, that's what I do." They had a Disney wedding and it was actually really cute…
Him: Oh, look at Britney.
Her: Poor Britney.
Him: Do you think she has, like, a billion dollars in the bank?
Her: No, I think she has, like, ten thousand.
Him: Really?!
Her: Actually, no, she just had a single come out and a new album --
Him: Oh, so right now she has like a billion dollars --
Her: Yeah, but she'll spend it all. She doesn't know how to manage it. She needs an intervention.
Him: She needs someone to adopt her.
Her: She needs to be adopted by Madonna.
Him: Exactly. Madonna. Madonna's not a great performer but she's an amazing businesswoman.
Her: Wow, this magazine really has way too many pages…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone did the right thing by holding back brain cells while these two were being rolled over the conveyor belt ready for earth. Webster's must have a better term than dumb ass for these two. Am I being too harsh on them? If so, how can I kick it up a notch?http

11:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog! My husband works on a primetime televison series so I know where your comin' from.

8:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuck! The spell that surrounds these people has been completely broken for me, having met quite a few of them by now. Once, I went to a wrap party with my husband and was making small talk with a certain very famous comedian when he unleashed some talk on me that was very unfunny. He started out by giving me some nice compliments on my appearance and by telling me how beautiful the women were here in Austin and that it's hard to find any natural beauty in L.A. where the people are plastic. That was okay with me, but then he whipped something else out that was entirely unexpected. Yeah, he told me in quite graphic language how he imagined that he would like my private areas and then asked me to come to his room...524...at the Four Seasons. I just stood there stunned until the sickness set in. It was some raunchy, raunchy talk and frankly it made me mad that he thought he could say those things to me. Thankfully, the anger set in after we left, which was right after.

And since this post isn't PG, don't feel like you have to post it. I'm just talkin' to ya!

8:07 PM


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