Tales From the Bottom of the Film Business

Friday, February 26, 2010

Second Hand Fame -- on Revolving Floor

Do you want to know the secret to becoming cool at your school, a social sophisticate, and the center of attention at any party? No, it's not dye your hair blond, get a piercing in a really interesting spot, or work out on the Roboflex -- which you can buy for just $299! The real answer is in my latest blog "Second Hand Fame," which is now up on the group forum Revolving Floor.

This month's topic is "Blank Slate," and there's all sorts of other cool stuff to check out there too. So go there now, and we'll add this free cubic zirconium necklace as our special gift to you at no extra charge!

No, not really. But you may find out what's up with this picture of Flava Flav and Jon Lovitz...