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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More of the ridiculous stuff we talk about when we have too much downtime on set

AC (eating craft service candy): You know what this tastes like? Those purple and green things we used to eat when we were kids, in the cellophane package, that tasted like chalk –
me: Necco wafers?
AC: Yes!
me: Yuck.
AC: Well, yes, they were kind of awful but you had to respect them.
me: Why?
Make-up: What are you talking about?
AC: Necco wafers.
Make-up: Oh, those are terrible.
AC: Okay, yes, but there was something about them –
me: That they tasted like chalk?
AC: No.
me: You're just nostalgic.
Make-up: You know what I love? That Blackjack gum. The grape or cherry kind.
AC: I can still get that near me.
Make-up: Really? Not the black kind, the –
me: Licorice.
Make-up: Yeah, not that.
AC: No, we have it. I'll bring you some Monday. The grape, right?
Make-up: I used to love that.
AC: You know what else? That lavender gum.
me: Oh, you can still get that.
AC: Really? So much of that stuff is gone. I used to love Lucky Charms –
me: Yeah, I used to love Cap'n Crunch.
AC: With crunchberries?
me: No, I thought the crunchberries were kind of gross.
AC: Really? I loved the crunchberries. I used to finish everything else and just leave the bowl of crunchberries to eat last. But you know, cereal's not as good now because it's not made with sugar, it's made with high-fructose corn syrup.
me: There's a difference?
AC: It's completely different! My kids eat it. It's not nearly as good.
Make-up: I just think those things don't taste as good because we've gotten old and they were kind of disgusting to begin with.
me: Though I had a deep-fried Twinkie the other day and it was damn good.
AC: A deep-fried Twinkie?
me: Yeah, there's this fish and chips place near me and they make deep-fried candy bars, Twinkies, whatever they want to throw in the fryer I guess.
Make-up: Do they batter it?
me: I don't think so.
AC: And they're good?
me: Yeah, they're really good, because it just gets all molten inside, and –
Sound guy: Aren't we supposed to be doing something?
AC: They forgot the monitor at the other set.
Sound mixer: Oh…What are you guys talking about?


Blogger Jen said...

THis is SO funny! The inane conversations we all have never sound as inane as when they're spelled out like this.
Positivley Seinfeldian. :)

1:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Caterer: So, what'd you do over the weekend?

Me: I had a couple of people over and barbecued steaks. I tried seanoning them with Old Bay and they came out great.

Caterer: Everything's good with Old Bay. You could deep fry a snotty kleenex and it'd taste great if you used Old Bay.

Voice on Walkie Talkie: Locations.

Me: Go for Locations.

Voice on Walkie Talkie: Could you come over to Extras Holding? Somedbody put underwear in the toilet again.

Caterer reaches up to shelf and offers me industrial sized tin of Old Bay.

10:43 AM

Blogger BTL said...

Underwear in the toilet -- again???

I never thought about how bad you have it in locations.

10:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try sitting for a few hours in the VT tent with the agency

4:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least they have a toilet , In the eng/efp world we have to beg for the bathroom in a strangers house!
It's a bit embarrasing if EVERYONE needs to go...
I was told when starting out to never turn down a cup of tea or the use of the bathroom when on a shoot.
Very wise words!

7:11 AM


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